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Tim Cummings is an evangelist to business owners and entrepreneurs. Through his business, Cummings Enterprises, Tim assists business people ''to speak out their vision for their business and execute it in proper sequence''. When they are Christians, he assists them in implementing ways to minister to the marketplace through their businesses.

Tim's mentoring is based on his definition that ministry: ''simply allowing others to experience God's presence through us,'' and evangelism involves three step: Get to know someone; get to know where they are; and then help them to make the next step Tim is active in sharing tools with fellow business people to assist them in ministering to the field in which God has called them.

Tim’s certifications include accreditation as an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, a Registered Engineer, and a Patent Holder. He is a certified Quality Trainer. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Owen Graduate School of Management, securing an Engineering Degree and an MBA

Other business interests include:
Coordinator of Sabbatical Search Career Group - a career placement assistance program based on Christian principles
CEO Mastermind - Networking group that helps business people connect to what they need next in business;
CBL Roundtable - Organization whose mission is to train Christians to apply Biblical principles in the market place;
Universal Health Advisors - A business which assists in finding best practices for accessing healthcare and controlling healthcare costs;

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Tim Cummings